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Mr. Carmichael,
Thank you for a job well done!
I stated above Great - Informative - Professional. 
These are my thoughts and opinion about your CCH course.
*What made your concealed carry handgun course great, 
Relaxed atmosphere, pace of the course, the visuals and the presentation of the material.
There were no questions left unanswered for me and at the end of the day I left with a more confident attitude.
Your facility was very clean and well maintained which added to the over all satisfying experience.
There was a tremendous amount of information being presented and you did so in well thought out segments.. 
You presented the information in a manner that made it make sense and easier to absorb.
Your command of the laws covering the concealed carry handgun permit holder and the responsibility 
that comes with the permit were very well explained and clear. 
In your presentation you answered many questions I and the other students had about concealed carry concisely.
Scotts' hands on lecture of the various handguns, descriptions and proper handling was once again very well explained and clear.
When qualifying on the range he (Scott) treated us with respect and a had a high degree of confidence in our ability to qualify.
Which we all did.
I came to the professionals who are very knowledgable, confident and respectful.
That's how I left feeling.
I appreciate your timely follow through on all our communications.
The eight and a half hour day seemed to fly by.
Thank you for your commitment to CCH education and showing us how to have a more confident attitude in life.

Tom Vincent
Graduate of your CCH Course
Irwin Carmichael is one of the most engaging people I have ever met. What made the class exceptional was the enthusiastic delivery by Mr. Carmichael. The content and material was presented well and the class was extremely interactive with the group. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in gun safety or concealed carry.
Jimmy Mynatt

Thanks Art! I truly enjoy the class. It was actually much better than I expected. It was fun and upbeat the entire time with great detail to the course information. As a first time shooter you made it so easy for me to the point I was very comfortable with the weapon. Sheriff Carmichael and his entire staff were superb and I will definitely be recommending his class to all I know.

Thanks again for such a great experience. 


Good morning Mr. Carmichael,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fun and interesting concealed carry class that I attended last week. I knew absolutely nothing about gun safety or laws, and I was honestly very nervous as I had never shot a gun before. But your class was so knowledgeable and entertaining, I was able to leave with the confidence in knowing how and when to protect myself, and I am very grateful for that.

God bless you and yours,

Dear Mr. Presley,
I know that you must receive thousands of “thank you’s” from happy students, but I’m going to add one more to your collection.
My experience with you on Monday of this week in pre-qualifying for my concealed carry class was extraordinary. I am a former teacher, and I wanted to affirm that you are truly one of the best teachers of any subject that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. You put me at ease immediately and allowed me to build on my current skills to unbelieveable heights in such a short time. It was a most gratifying experience, and I want to thank you for that.
With kindest regards,
Charlie Austin
"We took the concealed carry class in April 2010.  Mr. Carmichael's dynamic teaching style truly made the eight hour course fly by!  His real world experience brought a unique element to the class.
We would recommend this class to any one!!!! "
John and Lauren Donaldson
Mr. Carmichael's CCH Class was a great experience for me. He shares his "real world" experiences while working for the Sheriffs Department. He keeps the class very interesting, and he is a great Instructor.
I would recommend his CCH class for people seeking a Concealed Carry Permit.
Todd Stoudt
Huntersville, NC


I have had the pleasure of attending several of Mr. Carmichael’s safety demonstrations. The information that he presents is timely, extremely informative, and demonstrates his commitment to sharing his knowledge with others.
When I learned that he was the founder of the Martial Arts Training Institute, I visited his website and saw that he also offered a concealed carry class. My son is now attending MATI and loves every minute of it. We’re trying to find time this Fall so that my wife and I can begin attending as well.
My wife and I attended the concealed carry class and enjoyed it very much. Mr. Carmichael provided real-world scenarios to make us think, and then discussed different approaches. We were taught case law that directly applied to the rules and regulations of carrying a concealed handgun and spent time qualifying at a local range. The class was enjoyable and extremely informative. We felt very prepared when we submitted our applications.
I cannot count the number of times that I have bumped into strangers at various seminars or conferences where it turned out that they knew Mr. Carmichael as well. He is one of those rare individuals that you would want at your side when the world falls apart. I have the highest regard for him. He is a man of honor and integrity, and that is apparent in everything that he does.
I have recommended that he be invited to present to both my local InfraGard chapter, as well as my local FBI Citizen’s Academy Alumni.
Sincerely, Steven Newman
I have to say I went into Mr. Carmichael's Concealed Carry Handgun Class with my wife, to help her feel more comfortable handling a gun, expecting it to be a boring lecture on gun control. BUT, I have to say I really enjoyed to class and was a little disappointed when it ended.
Mr. Carmichael really made the class interesting with lots of stats and facts that I was unaware of. He showed several entertaining and eye-opening videos and allowed us to participate in a lot of hands on learning. I have handled guns since I was a teenager but feel more comfortable now and I have a better understanding of the law and when lethal force is necessary.
I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to feel more comfortable with a handgun, wishes to obtain their Concealed Carry Permit or just wants to learn more about protecting yourself and your family. Dr. Ray Drury CEO, Upper Cervical Health Centers, Inc. 10816 Black Dog Lane Suite 120, Charlotte, NC 28214
Sheriff Carmichael,

 I am very guilty of fighting drifting off to sleep during a long meeting or day long seminars, however yesterday was a first. You were charged all day long, and enthusiastically engaging. I was telling Kristie what she missed when I finally got out here near Camp Lejeune to meet up with the grandkids and all. I learned what I had hoped to learn and was really surprised that there was a lot to cram in, in 8 hours of instruction. You’ve also given me direction on the proper mindset of being a shepherd and to constantly be situationally aware. I used to always be vigilant and assessing, and I believe I just became complacent. That stopped yesterday.
     Your thoughts and anecdotes could not have been more spot on and kept my attention rapt. I’ve heard from so many others how boring and droning other classes were-I knew I was and am doing the right thing in handing out your cards.

Mike Hogbin
Before I took this class, I was pretty much scared of guns and didn't really care to ever own one. After I had the opportunity to spend a day with Mr. Carmichael, he put all of those worries to rest. I now understand why it is important to own a gun, and most importantly, when and how to use it.
Mr. Carmichael is a great teacher and an even better person that took the time to answer every one of my questions well after the class was over. Other classes cut corners and think they are doing students a favor by ending early. Personally, if there is one class I'd rather spend the entire time in, it was this one - one that could possibly save my life one day.
I would absolutely recommend that anyone that is interested in obtaining their concealed carry permit to look nowhere else other than Mr. Carmichael's class. Christopher Sottile