2020 Course dates

8 Hour Courses on Saturday or Sunday 
Courses are from 9am to 5pm ($100 Special) 

2020 Dates

May 3

June 14

2 Day Courses are from 6pm to 10pm Both Days ($100 Special)

May 13 & 14

June 10 & 11

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You May want to know

This course is an 8 hour course of classroom plus range time afterwards. This is required by the state of North Carolina.  If you take a shortcut in the training taught by other Concealed Carry Handgun Instructors, it will compromise your application process.  The Criminal Justice Standards Division,  North Carolina Department of Justice and  Sheriffs across the state are aware that some instructors cut corners in training, and they are investigating all complaints of such behavior.  
  Sheriff Irwin Carmichael

The Martial Arts Training Institute will hold its next Concealed Carry in Long Creek/Huntersville at 9306 Beatties Ford Road.   Handgun Course serving Charlotte, Huntersville, Mecklenburg County, Gaston County, Iredell County, Lincoln County, Union County and Cabarrus County on (Course Certificate is valid in all 100 counties in North Carolina):

*You can change your class date up to one year from purchase but no refunds.  

​Current Concealed Carry Permit Holders:  Take a legal update for $25.   
 You can register and select "Law Update", and put the class you would like to attend in the notes section.

Step 1

Attend the approved Concealed Carry Handgun Course at the Martial Arts Training Institute. This course includes both classroom instruction and shooting qualification portions. If you are not confident in your shooting ability the Martial Arts Training Institute offers basic shooting courses approved by the National Rifle Association for an additional fee.  You will receive a certificate upon completion of the Concealed Carry Course which is good in all 100 counties in NC. You will need to have proof of completion of a Concealed Carry Course in the state of North Carolina in order to apply for a permit. You may attend this course before the age of 21 but you must be 21 to apply for the permit. Handgun ownership is not required. Guns and ammo will be supplied for the range qualification if you do not have your own.

Step 3

Swear under oath in the presence of witnesses that the information provided on your application is accurate for the Concealed Carry Handgun. Sign the medical records waver and allow your fingerprints to be taken.

How to Get a Permit to Carry a Concealed Handgun in North Carolina

Step 2

Go to mecksheriff.com (Services-Gun Permits for Mecklenburg County Residents Only) to complete your online application.You will be required to schedule an appointment at the end of the application process. Once this step is completed, you must bring the application packet to your scheduled your appointment. 

Step 6

Renew your Concealed Carry Handgun permit every five years.

Step 5

The permit office has 45 days after receipt of the items from an applicant, and receipt of the required records concerning the mental health or capacity of the applicant, to process the application. You will receive notification by email, text or phone call once your application has been processed. If your application is turned down, you will receive an email advising you of the denial. Once your permit is approved, you must pick up your permit, in person, at the Sheriff’s Office.

Classroom and Range: 9306 Beatties Ford Road

Gift Certificates Available

(Good for 1 year from purchase, Email for more info) Purchase Certificate

Concealed Carry

Step 4

Pay the non-refundable license fee and the fee for fingerprinting.

Private or private group classes

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Call Irwin Carmichael at 704-391-9999 to schedule a time convenient for you and your group.

Location:  9306 Beatties Ford Road, Huntersville, NC 28078

North Carolina is a Right-to-Carry (RTC) state. The state has a "shall issue" law that requires concealed carry permits to be obtained by residents who choose to carry a concealed weapon. As long as you are over the age of 21, have never been convicted of a felony or Domestic Violence and are a current resident you can get a permit to carry a concealed handgun in North Carolina.

*You must be a citizen of the United States or be a citizen or naturalized citizen of the United States of America or a lawful permanent resident alien.

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