The Martial Arts Training Institute

Belt Requirements

A belt in the martial arts is used for more than to hold one's pants up.  The belt symbolizes hard work, dedication, and achievement.  Once your skill  increases, you will be asked to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge through a test.  With the achievement of your new rank you will receive a certificate and a new belt.

Once committing to the martial arts, you will receive a white belt with your uniform.  This white belt symbolizes that you have a commitment to the martial arts and through hard work and dedication, you see yourself reaching your goal of black belt. 

You should hold your belt for eight weeks on average before gaining your next belt. You must obtain 4 black stripes on your current belt before you are eligible to test for your next belt. Graduation days are set on a specific schedule and are usually held on friday nights.  2 weeks prior to the test, you will need to fill out a "request-to-test" form and turn it in along with a minimal fee to cover the belt & certificate. Test dates can be found on the schools events page.