The Martial Arts Training Institute

Dan "the Beast" Severn

UFC Hall of Famer

Adult Programs

Special Events for Adults:

The Martial Arts Training Institute has hosted seminars by world renowned Grandmasters.  Our past seminars have included events with Rickson Gracie, B.J. Penn, Dan Severn, Ricardo Liborio, Bobby Taboada, Remy Presas, Carlson Gracie Jr., George Dillman and Wally Jay. These events, along with tournaments and other adult-only events, are sponsored frequently.

Ricardo Liborio Of American Top 


Grappling is one of the oldest forms of combat Known to man. 90% of all true Street fights wind up on the ground in a grappling situation. At the Martial Arts Training Institute our form of Ground fighting is called Kempo - Jitsu. We teach a student how defend themselves whether in the clinch, throwing to the ground or lying on the ground. Kempo - Jitsu is a blend of many arts including Aikido,submission wrestling, Japanese Jujitsu, Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Carlson Gracie Jr.

Shorinji Kempo Karate

Our adult programs are especially designed to benefit the student physically as well as mentally. Our exercises and drills provide a method to relieve the every-day stress that goes along with work and a way to tone up and feel great. Our classes begin with a fifteen to twenty minute warm-up session. During these warm-ups, you experience isometric and cardiovascular training. Flexibility, a key to the Martial Arts, will develop through safe stretches in class as well as at home.  After warm-ups are completed, the fun workout begins. Anything from kicking drills to self-defense techniques are covered in this hour-long class. We cover eight different styles which will result in learning the defense skills needed to protect yourself and others if a confrontation occurs.  

Our classes provide you with the knowledge needed to:
     *defend yourself against weapon attacks
     * control a situation without throwing a punch
     *counter all common grabs