The Martial Arts Training Institute

Here at Martial Arts Training Institute, we take great pride in our children's program.  Being one of the top martial arts schools in North America (awarded by Martial Arts Business Magazine) demonstrates our top notch reputation.

We teach our children self-esteem, confidence, discipline, a positive attitude, and goal-setting through many fun and exciting principles.  Our program provides a way for the children to benefit physically as well as mentally through progression of rank.  

We promote:
*Improvement in concentration                       
*Self-discipline and initiative
*A direction for improvement in effort
*Setting goals at an early age
*Respect and maintaining a positive attitude
*Academic improvement

Beginners ages 5 and up

Once these topics are instilled in the children at an early age, the benefits will become life-long.  These benefits will carry over into school work, other sports, and over-all behavior. 

Special Events for Children:

From time to time, the MATI staff provide a fun night for the children.  This gives the parents a night out without trying to find a babysitter at the last minute, as well as a chance for the kids to meet new friends and have fun. As well as having fun, we also have serious seminars for the children.  For example, board breaking clinics, weapons classes, tournaments, and other educational events which keep the children motivated.

Children's Program                      Beginners  Mon & Wed at 5pm  or Tues & Thurs at 6:30
The Basic Program is our first level of training membership to one day become a Black Belt leader. It is our self-defense and physical conditioning program, designed to prepare a student for the commitment to become a Black Belt. By the end of this program some amazing results will have happened.  First, everything we teach your child will be his forever. It’s like learning to swim. Once you've learned, you never forget. In our training the same thing happens. Everything we teach your child, like self-defense, confidence and self-discipline, will be his forever. So if your child is ever in danger or confronted with unhealthy peer pressure he will have the confidence to do the right thing and protect himself.  As a result of this training, your child will make better choices about who to become friends with.  Becoming a leader at school, home and in the community is our main goal for all our children.  If this is what you want for your child, please call 704-392-8410 or e-mail me to set up an appointment to try one of our classes. We offer everyone a free 2-week trial membership.